Hello, Jane here. I’ve set up this blog to share my inner monologue about all things clothes – and accessories!!  To share my passion, to feature things I love, am buying – or would like to if money were no object – to comment on trends, things about style and fashion that I love, or that piss me off!  I mostly shop at the top end of the High Street – Cos and other Scandi brands are my favourites, I’m a sack dress girl.  At the other end of the scale, I love Marni and Pucci and , ooh, lots of other designers. I think Browns’ online collections are to die for, and if I had to pick a style inspiration it would be Lucinda Chambers of UK Vogue. Ooh perfection.  Oohclothes!!!


  1. Bloody Hell..what a brill idea…now even less housework to be done as I while away the minutes drooling over the perfection of the leopard coat….


  2. Ah so now I see my replies and don,t need to write twice!!! So…hot weather clothes that cover legs and upper arms…and have to be able to cope with 33 degrees and humid???? Ideas….or is that not what a blog is for??


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