Christmas dress

Hm. It’s that time of year when you feel your gaze drawn to those shop windows…..and that gaudy, sparkly dress is calling to you. Now, at any other time of year your innate sense of taste and restraint wins out……..but not when those twinkly little Christmas lights come on. Oh no. You immediately start wanting to resemble the fairy on top of that tree. Now that might be ok when you’re little, but not so good on an adult woman.  Also, are we just throwing ‘cost per wear’ out of the window (an emphatic YES) – and what about all the other dresses we have in our wardrobes which are perfectly suitable/only got worn once last Christmas/are plain black and could be tarted up with fabulous accessories???? But, but…….I’m suddenly in love with that fabulously ornate dress from xxxxxxx, sprinkled with sequins and glitter…… I just won’t feel right if I don’t wear precisely that dress to all my Christmas outings (OK, I only have two, and one of those is dinner where only the top half will be on view anyway).  Yeah but we’ve all been there – and doubtless we will do it again – but if we can just resist that one-off gaudy whatsit, maybe instead we could splurge tinily on this wondrous Mrs Santa number from M&S for the little ‘un in our lives…….


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