….or should that be untrousered….or detrousered??! Does anyone else have the trouble I do finding any trousers that fit? Way back I used to wear trousers virtually all the time, but I’ve almost given up. And I don’t even own a pair of jeans – I’ve always found them really unflattering and really uncomfortable. My go-to when I want to throw something on double quick is a pair of leggings and a dress or long tunic. This may be potentially kinda dull, but at least my circulation is not cut off – and you can liven up this ensemble no end with scarves and jewellery.
Back to trousers – I have to report that Autumn/Winter 2016 has heralded a major development – I have found not one but TWO pairs of trousers!! For this I have to thank the athleisure trend – black wool mix jogger-type pants from Cos – and strangely enough, the home of clothes for tiny Spaniard girls, Zara. Behold the high waisted ‘military trouser’ – comfortable, flattering and stylish, fit (and magically reduce size of) tum, and fit over thighs. I know – bizarre but true. You might argue there’s a hint of mutton, but I’ve long loved a combat and frankly, I don’t give a damn!!
Talking of Zara, I’m a real snob about non-leather shoes (though being a lover of animals I really ought to try harder). Zara, however, has won me over with their fabulous low heeled black ankle boots which (again bizarrely) cost £15.99. Amazingly comfortable, look great, haven’t taken them off since I bought them!


  1. wow this is fabulous and so helpful for people like me who dont have perfect figures as i struggle to get a good fit in most things – thanks for ideas Jane


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