Christmas shopping….

Oh, Christmas shopping……how is it, that even I – who have a shortish Christmas giftee list, no kids, a part time job and a sister hosting Christmas (thanks S&D!) – manage to get stressed about this most pestiferous of tasks?? It’s not that I don’t like thinking about what people might like, I don’t mind that bit. It’s more that it somehow turns into the task without end, it’s amorphous and ever expanding to fill the time available (and more)….. Maybe I’ve got too much time on my hands. But still, lying awake at 2am, I’m thinking that so-and-so needs a stocking filler, what can I get that’s exciting – no, that’s going way too far – maybe somehow enjoyable, not too ‘useful’, and wonderfully suited to the person about whose inner life, likes and dislikes you’re just not privy to for 364 days out of 365???
Anyway…..what does this have to do with clothes you may rightly ask? Well, the thing with Christmas shopping is you have to, er, look at stuff. OK, some of this looking may involve John Lewis’ novelties for men under a tenner section, but other more girly stuff involves, like, beauty counters and CLOTHES SHOPS. Now, I’m not at all a beauty junkie – clothes and accessories come first, and damned budgets, even vague ones, require priorities……but Christmas beauty offers tempt even the biggest resister of prettily packaged cosmetics. And so it begins, the ‘one for them, one for ME’ approach. Which can get expensive. And then things get worse. You pop into Whistles to look at little bits of jewellery, you try to keep your blinkers on, but nooooooo, too late, your eye alights on the most glamorous little black fringed jacket with sparkles through it……you think oh why not just try it on, it’ll never fit me on the arms anyway……and then it does!! And you’ve always wanted festive fringes with subtle sparkles!! You’ll never see another!! You’ll wear it for years!! And it’s 25% off…………
Then you get a promotional email from the National Galleries and you think, ahah! A source of quality creative-type stocking fillers, let’s have a quick scan……30 mins later, you’ve zapped in an order – Christmas gifts for others – 0. Christmas gift for self – 1. And not a stocking filler either I might add. But it’s a beautiful silk scarf! With a John Byrne print!!! (See post image). I LOVE John Byrne’s artwork. And to wear it on one’s person, how fab. And it’s limited edition. And I’m bound to get some cash for Christmas, so I can justify it. (NB I’m probably the only person I know who can buy themselves Christmas gifts in advance of actually getting the – hoped for – cash) Oh happy happy are we…….until we realise we are SKINT – and still several bloody stocking fillers down.
See? Christmas shopping!! Stress!!!


  1. I’ve been ruthless this year. Immediate family only and one present each. Don’t care they’re not all the same price. Shopping done.

    Did fall into the ‘one for me’ trap although and got a soft green backpack from hoos on Gt Western Rd. Lovely stuff if your numbers ever come up. There’s an interesting pop up on Wesr George Street near Wagamama. Have you been in?

    Scarves. My poor sister. She does like a scarf which is useful when it comes to presents (No fit worries) but I’ve got her another one this year. Last year I got her the Klimt one from the National Gallery this year it’s a Margo Selby I bought in the National Portrait Gallery. God knows what she does with them all.

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    • Very sensible Finlay. Oh I must pop in to that pop-up!! Not been up Gt W Rd for so long but will make a wee pilgrimage to Hoos some day. Re scarves, fab, think you should offer Donald your personal shopper services for his sister, ie moi!! 🙂 🙂

      Appreciate getting a comment on a post – early blogging days, not done much connecting yet, and my fb friends don’t know about following blogs I don’t think (or they’re not that keen – which I do understand 🙂 )


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