Sale !!!


Happy new year dear readers, welcome to my first blog post of 2017.  It’s got to be about sale shopping, now hasn’t it – it’s that time of year. Mind you since the sales have been on since before Christmas, much of the best stuff has already been snapped up. I’ve been trawling the designer sites in search of a bargain over the festive season, and frankly, other than checking out a further reduction or two, or a random 75% off at the final hurdle, I think I’m done!!

They say you should always buy what you love or need. And in the sales you should buy what you couldn’t normally afford or justify, something you’ll keep for years (rather than this season’s one hit wonder) and pull out of the wardrobe again and again.  Things that make you go ‘Ooh’!!

They also say you should cast your nets (let’s stay with the fishing theme for a mo) early to identify your desired catch in advance.  So in December I espied a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress I really liked online. Popped into the shop to try it on, nah, no good – but while there espied this pink ‘toga dress’ – see below – tried it on and felt gooooood. Now it might not be your cup of tea – yes, it has a long back section which you pull through the legs and up (like a veritable toga!! Sounds awful but it looks pretty good (sans belt and that footwear) secured with a simple pin type brooch at the shoulder……It can be worn several other ways, should I be overly challenged by the loo approach 🙂 – not sure women wore togas in Ancient Rome……. Anyway, I loved it – unusual, great print, flattering to arms and tum (sans belt), timeless, year round wear due to its being soft cotton jersey…..Could dress it up or down and so on…… So I waited for the sale to start – and POW, on Christmas Day, I nabbed it online.   Then a couple of days later, now on a sale roll – ZAP – spotted this Pucci clutch online at half price, fell in love, and it’s on its way from sunny Florence.

Problem with online sale shopping is – obviously – you can’t properly see, feel or try on the item – I much prefer to see things face to face – but hey, at least you are guaranteed a refund should buyer’s remorse set it…….. and hey, a bag always fits!!! And my days of braving the Next sale on Boxing Day (in its heyday) are well over – frankly I prefer a poke about on my iphone indoors while gabbing to family and nibbling turkey salad.

I’m poised to go in for ze final kill if these amazing earrings – Peter Pilotto for Atelier Swarovski – go down further in price – pitting my will against the chance of them selling out. One does have some sort of budget ceiling, despite generous cash gifts from nearests and dearests.

I’m glad this year I had no expensive ‘need’ items on my sale list, like the elusive (but a trifle dull) search for the perfect black coat. You never find something you’re actively searching for (waaaah, wedding guest outfits).  Anybody else, like me, have things on their mental wish list for, like, years??  I managed to tick one off this summer – the perfect black raincoat – but hey, there’s a whole other post in this topic.

I do love best a wander round actual shops during sale time, and a wee something catches your eye and causes a frisson of excitement.  Cue a fabulous pair of sparkly silver low heeled  t-bar shoes, with delicate bows, appearing on a Russell & Bromley sale rail just before Christmas – £59 (positively cheap in R&B terms)  and on my veritable feet on Christmas Day! Ding dong!!

Do share your favourite sale buys with me. Lots more posts to come in 2017 – aiming for one a week at least – if you hit the ‘follow’ option you’ll get an email every time I post something new.  Have a wonderfully clothed 2017!!



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