A little bit of this and a little bit of that….

OMG how pretty is this dress?!!  It’s by an Italian designer called Vivetta. Covered in exotic animals, birds and flowers. Maybe they might do a version to suit an older shorter woman…. I’ll be watching…..
I’ve been looking at and following lots of other fashion blogs, both for pleasure and inspiration. Quite a community out there which is great and of course I’m definitely drawn to the older women bloggers , those with individuality and a bit of oomph.  I do notice they focus on pics of themselves in various outfits – I guess it’s an ‘I am my brand’ kind of approach  Not sure yet that I want to focus on those, certainly not exclusively, but I thought I’d better make an appearance  here and there at least !  Here’s me off to the cinema wearing a jumper by Kenzo for H&M, wool culottes by Cos, clutch is Jaeger and the red scarf I’ve had for years. I’m not a great fan of sweaters but this one I love!
For someone who’s barely shopped in M&S for years, I’ve found a few things recently…. A wonderful long length Chanel – inspired lightweight sleeveless tweed coat made in a British mill and heavily reduced in the sale. And some really interesting things popping up in their jewellery section –  gaze upon this amazing little set of two brooches!!  Has someone in their design team been seeking inspiration from Marni?  Anyway, how fab, and a great way to cheer yourself up during the long wait till payday!


  1. Love the h&m jumper…. such a good blog…about to pull on billabong khaki green shorts and a white bonds tshirt to walk the dog along a beautiful sunny beach…will send photo… ‘channelin’ Lauren Hutton… minus legs/teeth/cheekbones!!!

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