New Season….new style

OK, here we are, at the back end of the sales, and Spring/Summer beckons. As the days get longer (woo), our bank accounts look a little healthier after Christmas, you can’t bear another jumbly sale rail, and you’re deadly bored of that coat/boots/dress you’ve been sporting all Winter, your attention wanders to the ‘new in’ sections of the fashion sites and your favourite shops.  Now, many people I know would say I needed new clothes and accessories like the proverbial hole in the head.  But need schmeed as one is wont to say in relation to fashion. It’s a LOVE thing……a spring in your step thing, a feeling your best self thing, a wearing-something-you-love-on-your-back thing……..

I love nothing better than losing an hour deep in Grazia, Vogue and Elle’s new season coverage of the trends.  Some are absolutely not me and others fill me with joy.  The Not Me things include the 80s rework (was there thanks) including slogan tshirts and shoulder pads. Grazia says ‘pink is the new camel’ and although pink also reminds me of the 80s, I fancy a little pink as long as it’s not fuchsia. There is a lot of ‘colour drenching’ going on – yes, could be tempted by top to toe Yves Klein blue……something long and unstructured?  My heart gladdens when I see that – as in many previous years – Utility Chic is in; I love nothing better than some simple well cut garments in khaki, with elements of toffee, caramel and coffee, with a touch of black/white/cream. Yum. Like black and white – or just black! – this kind of look is not only cool but is a great neutral base upon which to swathe any number of my beloved statement accessories (from Pucci and Marni to Cos and my recent little treasure trove of Marni-like M&S brooch and earrings).

Trends are all very well, but the challenge is really in finding the right things on the High Street. Fingers crossed for Cos, & Other Stories, Uterque, and maybe the odd thing from the (improving? Some signs are there) M&S. Of course the odd fabby thing from Zara, though often their fabrics are nasty nasty.  And there’s the sometimes wonderful Monki (part of the H&M behemoth, Cos and Stories’ little sister – and cheap as chips).  It’s great place for a comfy oversized sweatshirt dress and they do some great prints.  It’s aimed at funky teens and 20 somethings but that ain’t stopping me – there are good things for any age on their site.  I bought this amazing print winter dress ages ago – see above .  Am eyeing up this ‘fingers’ dress in their new arrivals.  And I’d say this jacket/coat was a very decent addition to anyone’s Utility Chic wardrobe.

I love how trends – culottes, say – and changing hemlines – like the current return to longer lengths – invigorate the old wardrobe and require a rethink on proportions.  I found the perfect cotton culottes in Cos last summer and the perfect wool ones last Winter (Ooh how I love Cos – the cut, the fabric, the quality, the price point. I just about forgive them for the things I can’t get into for their narrow cut sleeves.  This seems to have been a ‘thing’ with most if not all brands for years, can we have normal sized sleeves back now please??!! Those of us who particularly want a sleeve – aka a bit older with not so great arms – can’t get into the bloody things!!

So, hoping to find a new quirky Utility Chic look this Spring, accessorised with eclectic prints and statement jewels from my collection. What are others’ thoughts?


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