Hey, welcome to my blog Oohclothes, it’s Jane here.  I live in Glasgow, Scotland (I’m originally from Islay in the Inner Hebridean islands) and I just love clothes – and accessories.  I constantly  have wild enthusiasms, opinions, new buys (and fantasy buys 🙂 and opinions I’m (call me sad ) burning to voice and share.  I’d love to share with others with similar interests.  I also have a serious side – I work in the voluntary sector, I’m interested in politics, culture and making our world a better place – but this isn’t the place for that…….this is my frivolous, child-inside-an-adult’s body side, where I get to whoop and indeed OOH about new clothes, new trends, transforming my outfit with an accessory, a fab new bag or pair of shoes……  I’m mainly a top end of the high street woman with a strong liking for Scandi sack dresses and quirky accessories. I like a designer bag, scarf and the occasional dress or coat.  I love Scandi labels like Cos (and a little bit of Monki and Other Stories), a bit of Zara, which can be genius, and little bits here and there from Marks & Spencer, Jaeger – and I cast around Selfridges, Harvey Nicks and Net a Porter with the occasional purchase in the sale. I’m pretty fussy about quality (forgiving Zara occasionally in view of their fab ‘interpretations’ of key designer looks).  I’m not interested in throwaway fashion – though doubtless if a lot younger and a lot skinter I would never be out of Primark.  If I had to pick a style icon it would be the fabulous Lucinda Chambers of UK Vogue.  She’s a consultant to Marni and it’s therefore no great surprise that I love Marni.  I’ve never seen pictures of anyone else who encapsulates exactly how I’d like to dress every day.  Hope you enjoy bits of my chattings and rantings and look forward to any comments, views etc you might like to share!!